Dickinson Narrows Community

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Minutes from December Meeting

Dickinson Narrows Community Association (DNCA)
December, 2006
Meeting directed by Association President Kirk Brown

Agenda Review
General Q&A regarding how to know who is on board, who all representatives are. Discussed ways to let residents know about meeting dates.
Discussed Kirk Brown’s involvement with gaming commission video
Discussed how a consensus was taken regarding the casinos
People concerned about safety
1. Block Captains & Super Block Coordinators
A. Need to set up a line of communication.
B. Officers for the Board will be elected in September 2007
C. The Board will vote in 2007 re: who representatives are to be for block captians and super block coordinators
D. In September 2007 Civic Association will:
Clearly define rules
Read minute
Determine voting process
E. In meantime temporary block captain should be volunteers that sign up-sign up sheet presented
F. DNCA will work over the next 9-10 months to identify all existing block captains and identify candidates for blocks where they do not exist

2. Need for Committees
Plan to create committees during next meeting in January 2007. Need committees to work on issues such as:
-Community Outreach (Communication)

3. Flyer Distribution
Attendees agreed to sign up for block captain positions and distribute flyers.
Noted that communication needs to be more fluent and distributed in stores and businesses
Discussed need to clean up flyers

4. Sanitation
Discussed interest in monthly clean-ups.

Next meeting scheduled for January 16, 2007


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