Dickinson Narrows Community

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

October Meeting Minutes

Agenda: Communication
We need to improve our communication with the Dickinson Narrows community. We need to effectively announce meetings, clean-ups, events, or any other important piece of information.

We propose to use the following methods:
• email for people who have provided us with their email address
• website at http://www.dickinsonnarrows.org to post news for anyone with an internet connection
• flyers in mailboxes of people who we identify as being without internet access. For the time being, we do not know the community well enough, so we will continue using flyering for the majority of the community
• consistency – our monthly meetings will be the THIRD MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH.
• free ads in community newspapers (south philly review, PGN, PW, City Paper
• other possible forms of communication include flyers stapled to telephone poles (with a removal date, to ensure it doesn’t aggravate residents) and word-of-mouth to be implemented with Block and Street coordinators (detailed below)

Block & Street Coordinators
First we defined these terms:
• A city block is the area surrounded by 4 major streets. For instance, Federal to Reed, 3rd to 4th = 1 city block.
• A street is the area between any 2 intersections. For instance, the 400 block of Cross Street, from 4th to 5th Sts.

Our goal is that every street will have one Street Coordinator. Every city block will have a Block Coordinator who communicates with the Street Coordinators within his/her area. We will develop a map of the community that designates Block and Street Coordinators. This will also help us to identify which areas are lacking, so we can focus on pulling people from all areas of our community.

• fundraising
• money for activities fund (stamps for mailings) - see Shawn at www.phila.gov, DiCicco’s office
Mt. Sinai Hospital – need to keep people from getting in there. Follow-up with status of Sophia.
• Casinos – Dec/Jan zoning
• Sachs Park redesigned
• Jefferson Square park


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