Dickinson Narrows Community

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

November Meeting Minutes

Dickinson Narrows Community Association (DNCA)
Community Meeting at 1505 S. 5th St.
November 20, 2006
Meeting directed by Association President Kirk Brown

Agenda Review

Waterfront Development
Mayor’s office requested DNCA and (14) other area civic associations attendance re: Delaware Avenue waterfront development. South Philadelphia civic associations include DNCA, Pennsport, Whitman. These organizations will be represented by Kirk Brown-DNCA, Fred Druding-Whitman, John Dougherty-Pennsport. No agreement reached as to who (of these three) will represent South Philadelphia.

Veterinarian Hospital Presentation
Benefits of this service reviewed.

-New building proposed on three empty lots on 1500 block of S. 5th St. (5th and Cross Sts.). Proposed building is being developed as “green” environmentally friendly and LEEDS certified.

-Other high quality veterinarian clinics nearby are overwhelmed.

-Proposed possibility of providing free, occasional services for neighborhood stray cats with (Feline Immune Virus) FIV by quarantine and finding specialized homecare and spay and neutering services.

-Architect reviewed plans for new facility and accepted feedback from community members.

-Potential traffic issues addressed: six clients maximum at a given time but this will generally not be the average attendance.

-Anticipated time frame is one year from zoning approval scheduled for February/March 2007.

Community Question responses:

A. Quality of proposed attached apartments: two high quality 2 bedroom apartments averaging $1,200 per month will be included in new site to help sustain investment of new facility.

B. Trash will be stored inside and scheduled for removal during business hours.

C. South side of Cross St. will lose some light due to new building. Direct light loss will only occur during a short period of time in late August.

D. Clinic is proposing maintenance and possible acquisition of double lot at 5th and Greenwich whereby one lot is City owned and one is privately owned. In process of asking City to donate space to the community.

E. Considering other types of metals for exterior siding on upper levels. Considering environmental impact of materials used.

F. Cameras proposed to deter loitering/crime in parking area. Gates not currently proposed but would be considered if problems were to arise in future.

Presentation was concluded with general community support. A support letter and proviso information will be included on website shortly.

Old Business
• Concerns regarding how best to get info out to community.
• Website and emails are useful but limited to those with computers. More targeted flyer distribution and placement discussed. System needed for street/block organizers to get information out to neighbors.

• Discussed possibility of using community room at Mt. Sinai Sr. Apartments for our meetings (school auditorium is often not available at the last minute)

Handouts with important community services phone numbers were distributed. Community residents encouraged to be more active in calling in any illicit activity or violations to improve quality of life and promote change.


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