Dickinson Narrows Community

Thursday, April 26, 2007

PRE Cinco de mayo event


Let this humble email serve as a personal invitation for all neighbors to participate in this tradition coming from the villages in Puebla. Food and participation are free but the best part are the costumes, a true celebration!

Feel free to use and circulate as much of the following info as appropriate:

The Grand Carnival arrives in Philadelphia in the PRE Cinco de mayo event

Carnival dancers in full costume continue the centuries old tradition of representing the various warriors of the 5 May 1863 confrontations: French soldiers (Zapadores) and their mercenaries (Turcos and Zuavos) vs. the community militia (Zacapoaxtlas and Indios). Who wins?

The carnival includes the reenactment by those who defended the poor (Los bandidos de Rio Frio) by taking from the rich. Of course, the governor's daughter, La Dama, falls in love with the robber's leader, el Charro Negro. Will she marry him? Will she elope? Come find out!

Sunday April 29th Starts out as a Block Party
Noon to 3 at 5th and Mifflin St.
At 3 PM sharp the dancers will march north on 5th Street to arrive at Sacks Park at 5th and Federal

Banda La Morena

Sponsored by
San Mateo Carnavalero

Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16 meeting cancelled

Unfortunately tonight’s scheduled monthly meeting for Dickinson Narrows has been cancelled due to inclement weather. The Board of Director’s meeting last week had to be cancelled because of Easter. We’ll pick up with the May monthly meeting on the 21st at 7pm at Washington Elementary, 5th & Federal Streets.

The agenda for next month will include PMBC Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee help with cleaning up our neighborhood

Also we will discuss September elections for DNCA.

Thank you
Dickinson Narrows Civic Association